Best Home Cooked Food in San Francisco

We could all use a personal chef sometimes. Here’s the best home cooked food in San Francisco, for those nights when:

You don’t feel up to making dinner.

All of your quick-and-easy freezer meals have run out.

You’re tired of takeout.

If you want the taste of home-cooked food without the work, these home chefs in and around San Francisco can help. 

Unlike the big meal kit companies, you can order these homemade meal services from Airmart chefs as a one-time thing. That’s right, you don’t need a weekly or monthly subscription. Your destination for home-cooked food from local chefs is right here, online on Airmart.

Choose from authentic Filipino, Malaysian, Thai, and Indian cuisine.

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The best home-cooked food in San Francisco

Bay Area Homemade

best home cooked filipino food sf
Bay Area Homemade makes Filipino-Chinese fusion

Choose from a selection of homemade meat entrees, noodles, and sides from the Filipino-Chinese fusion menu at Bay Area Homemade. Pork Belly Steak Adobo, Pancit Palabok, and lo mein are customer favorites.

Once you have selected an entree, top off your meal with panna cotta or a rich cream dish for dessert

Bay Area Homemade Filipino-Chinese food offers pickup in South San Francisco and delivery around the city and the Peninsula.

Clean Eats by DK

best homecooked food in san francisco meal prep
Clean Eats DK is a healthy meal prep service

Get chef-made protein-packed meals like ceviche or salmon bento from Clean Eats by DK! This meal service offers delivery throughout the Bay Area.

Sedap Malaysian Delights

best homecooked malaysian food sf
Order customizable home cooked Malaysian meals from Sedap

Savor homemade, authentic, and customizable Malaysian meals and sides by Chef Patricia from Sedap Malaysian Delights. Choose from rice and noodle or meat and seafood entrees. Pickup this home-cooked food service in Fremont, Milpitas, or Pleasanton.

Pia’s Thai Kitchen

best homecooked thai food san francisco
Homemade Thai food from Pia’s Thai Kitchen

If you’re craving traditional Thai, order some pre-packaged family meals from Pia’s Thai Kitchen.

Choose from curries, stir-fried dishes, soups, satay chicken, and a vegan menu. Pia’s home-cooked Thai food is available for delivery throughout the Bay Area, from San Francisco down to San Jose.

Ruby‘s Ghar Ka Khana

best homecooked Indian tiffin service bay area
Indian vegetarian tiffin service

Craving homestyle vegetarian Indian cooking? Order appetizers, main dishes, flatbreads, and more from Ruby’s Kitchen. All dishes can be made vegan and many can be made gluten-free.

Choose from popular favorites like samosas, biryani, tikka masala, paratha and more.

Pick up Ruby’s home cooked Indian food in Lafayette, CA.