Berry Picking in the Bay Area at Tru2Earth Farm

Looking for berry picking in the California Bay Area?

Tru2Earth Farm is a family-owned, certified organic u-pick berry farm in Gilroy, CA. From May through November, guests can pick their own fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and olallieberries on the land. The farmers’ goal is to encourage more people to buy local, in-season products, rather than out-of-season produce that has traveled great distances.

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In addition to berry picking, there is also an option for u-pick flowers where guests can create their own bouquets of a dozen flowers from a wide selection of beautiful flower varieties.

The owner, a veteran of the agriculture industry, started the Bay Area u-pick farm to give locals access to the freshest, tastiest berries.

“Berries are a sensitive, fragile product,” he explained. “Most of the berries in stores are picked underripe and the true flavor just isn’t there.”

But Tru2Earth cannot sell all of the berry harvests through u-pick alone. That’s where Airmart comes in.

For those who want fresh, ripe berries without having to go out and pick them, Tru2Earth takes pickup orders in their Airmart shop.

Although freshly picked berries are best, Tru2Earth does occasionally do deliveries for large group orders and may offer Bay Area-wide delivery in the future via Airmart.

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Prior to Airmart, Tru2Earth took orders through social media and text messages. This year, they launched a website but found that Airmart had better options for taking pickup and delivery orders.

Saving time is critical for the owner, who still has a full-time job outside the farm. With Airmart’s order management and fulfillment tools, Tru2Earth is easier to manage as a passion project on the side.

There is no entrance fee for the farm or reservations required. U-pick is cash only, so be sure to stop at an ATM before visiting.

Berry Picking

Tru2Earth is just one of the wonderful farms we work with. Discover more u-pick berry farms and go berry picking with friends and family.

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