A Bay Area Picnic with Fleur & Sol

Warm weekends call for picnics. There’s no shortage of beautiful Bay Area picnic spots, but figuring out what to pack for a picnic isn’t always so simple. A good picnic food spread not only needs to be delicious, but also convenient.

For scrumptious, easy picnic food, forget the usual cold cuts and grapes. Elevate your picnic experience by ordering a pre-made picnic box from Fleur & Sol instead.

A Bay Area picnic made easy

This Santa Clara small business curates luxury picnic packages featuring bite-size sandwiches, fresh fruit, and decadent desserts. When Ace Chen and his business partner noticed that gathering food for picnics was inconvenient, they decided to make picnics easier while also highlighting local restaurant offerings.

bay area picnic package

Fleur & Sol is named for the picnic essentials, flowers and sunshine. The owners chose to use French and Spanish words as a nod to the global culinary influences in their custom picnic baskets.

The picnic boxes come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit your picnic plans. For picnic date food, try a Daybreak or Blossom combo box for two. For families and friend groups, try the Deluxe boxes. To keep things exciting and new, the picnic box contents will vary from week to week. Recent luxury picnic packages have included croissants, tiramisu, and Chinese pancakes.

About Fleur & Sol

The foodies behind the luxury picnic company are no strangers to the restaurant industry. Ace Chen’s mother runs a bakery back in China, and his business partner is a former restaurant owner. Together, they plan to continually seek out new picnic food ideas to delight customers all spring and summer long.

Ace decided to use the Airmart platform at the recommendation of his friend and fellow Airmart vendor Chef Lang. The free store option has been especially helpful for the newly-launched business. As Fleur & Sol grows, Ace plans to upgrade the store plan to gain access to features like data analysis.”I really want to track what customers like so we can make the best possible picnic boxes.”

Offer your own luxury picnic packages

Feeling inspired? Create the perfect picnic experience in your city by starting your own pre-made picnic service on Airmart.